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Computer Engineering department


The major Objective of the Department is to help generate adequate managerial manpower with appropriate knowlegde, skill and attitudes to handle the growing and changing managerial responsibilities. It is also the aim of the department to facilitate the creation of entrepreneurial spirit in young men and women who can help to exploit the available resources and opportunities in Africa and beyond. The department will also enhance the preparation of managerial teachers and researchers to keep pace with the ever rising demand for management education as well as facilitate the education and training of managers at undergraduate, postgraduate, post experience and professional levels.

General Information

At least five credits passes(or equivalent in GCE O/L) and W.A.S.C or at least five merit passes in TC 2 which should in all cases include English Language, Mathematics, Economics and which must have been obtained in not more than two sittings. In addition, the candidate must sit for and pass the school internal admission examination.
For Direct Entry
The Ordinary National Diploma in Business Administration or any relevant subject;
Two subjects at the GCE A/L or HSC, one of which should be Accounting and the other either Economics or Business Management.

The department at present operates a 4 and 3 years programme which lead to the award of Bachelor Of Science honours degree in Business Administration. The programme enables a Business during which he or she specializes in the final year in one or two of the major subject areas offered in the Department, namely finance,Marketing,Production and Organizational Behaviour
Department of the requisite research skilss in the general field of business is an essential part of the department's programme.
To graduate, students admitted into 8 semester programme of the departments must succesfully complete a minimum of 175 credits, while students undergoing the 3-years programme are required to accumulate a minimum of 135 credits.

The performance of students in the departments is calculated based on the following methods.

i. Practical assignments,
ii. Class works and other assignments,
iii. Quiz,
iv. Semester Examination.
A maximum score of 40% is allocated to (i),(ii),(iii), while(iv) is allocated a maximum of 60%

The Department has competent teaching staff who is faculty equipped to teach,guide and supervise courses and projects in Finance,Marketing,Organizational Behaviour, and Quantitative Techniques. The departments of Accounting, Economics assist in teaching courses in production management.Opportunity is also taken to utilize the services of competent people business industry and government in and around the City as guest faculty.
The Department has an arrangement with the Computer Centre whereby students offering Data processign and information System are enabled to obtain practical demonstrations in elementary programming and computer processing.Every year the department attempts to place students in business organizations in order to give them practical exposure in management.