Computer Science department


The programme for the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science is designed to provide training in the theory and application of Computer Science.Thus, it emphasizes the importance of the underlying theory of various branches of Computer Science as well provides a wide scope of application areas for the student. Our goal is to produce graduates in Computer Science who are academically equipped to undertake advanced course in Computer Science or related areas, which in turn serve as stimulant for research and development in these areas, as well as be able to apply computer science and computer technology to solving problems arising in business, government, e.t.c at the local and international scale. While making available modern development in information technology, we also aim at providing suitable srvice course for specialists in other disciplines so as to help them increase their effectiveness as well as efficiency in their work fields.

General Information

The department can boast of computer room/laboratory and research unit that is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and we are still working to better our enviable achievements.

Industrial training and research seminar is a prerequisite for the award of B.Sc Degree in Computer Science. Our students are requested to undergo a six month industrial training and a month research to be presented in the form of seminar. A report must be submitted by the students on their industrial training experience.It is as follows.
i. 3 months IT after 200 level
ii. 3 months IT after 300 level
iii. 1 month research seminar after 300 level 1st semester.

The performance of students in the departments is calculated based on the following methods.

i. Practical assignments,
ii. Class works and other assignments,
iii. Quiz,
iv. Semester Examination.
A maximum score of 40% is allocated to (i),(ii),(iii), while(iv) is allocated a maximum of 60%

A minimum of five[5]O-level credit passes in SSCE/GCE, NECO or any other reognized equivalent at not more than two[2] sittings, the subjects must include English Language, Mathematics, Physics and any other two science subjects.In addition the candidate must sit for and pass the school internal admission examination.