Our Accreditation

ESPAM_FORMATION University also known as Ecole Supierieure Panafricaine De Management Applique is one of the most prestigious private higher education establishment in Cotonou.

It was created in October 2007 and was conceived as a bilingual pan african university(French and Rnglish) and has since developed intoa modern university with a proud tradition of building and maintaining functional academic platform for many of French and English speaking students in the West African region.

Our aspiration is to attain global significance through training and research. Thus, the vision of the school is to be ranked among the first 100 universities in the world by the year 2023. We are a proud institutional member of international, regional and national bodies active in higher education.

ESPAM-FORMATION UNIVERSITY is a training center with professional vocation, which offers on one hand and possibilities to the auditors, the executive, the professionals of companies and the othe staff from public amd private administrations to prepare undergraduate, and graduate courses in various domains of social, science and management. Its principal duty is to prepare and deliver technical degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree and PHD respectively, depending on the initial of the applicant.


ESPAM_FORMATION UNIVERSITY is an educational institution that has been built upon a vision which allows individuals from different natinalities an cultures to find the best in undergraduate and graduate international university education.ESPAM-FORMATION UNIVERSITY seeks to make its programs easily accessible, regardless of location or financial means. ESPAM-FORMATION UNIVERSITY aspires to ensure professional success by helping students develop the skills and talents necessary to excel in a fast-paced and changing world.


ESPAM-FORMATION UNIVERSITY is to accompany you to conceive and to develop your devices of training, which we make flexible, individualized and customized. ESPAM-FORMATION UNIVERSITY is in the service of the administrations and helps the companies to analyze their needs in training and accompany them in the development of new skills. ESPAM-FORMATION UNIVERSITY provides accesible business education programs for students wanting to be effective managers in the increasingly complex and changing global organisational environment.

Philosophy and Founding Principles

ESPAM-FORMATION UNIVERSITY was formed upon the initiative of a number of business and management scholars who were motivated by a desire to create a global, competency-based management educational system.This system is intended to provide a wide range of answers to the changing needs of companies and government operating within different economic and political systems. Competency-based management education is defined as learning how to understand emerging business knowledge and technology, as well as the importance of sustainable management techniques.